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What's all this stuff about taped goggles and special sunglasses?

    It sounds strange, even unbelievable that taped goggles, sunglasses which allow a little more light to come in the side of one eye, or even an envelope could evoke significant often profound emotional and personality changes in people, yet this is what I claim; this is what I have written about in peer reviewed psychiatric journal articles and in my book, Of Two Minds. It is also what producers at 20/20, CNN and other shows and print media including the New York Times and Boston Globe researched and taped or wrote about.
    Still, this claim seems absurd.  But this is what I have found, and it is something that I use and observe daily in my clinical practice.  In earlier questions on the "Ask Dr Schiffer" page, I discussed how I came to this observation and the research I and others have done to confirm these findings and attempt to rule out the possibility of suggestion or placebo effects.  In my book, I give many examples of patient's responses to the glasses, one of which I have included on this web site.
    There also is a consistent hypothesis explaining why the glasses work: that they tend to encourage one hemisphere of the brain to become more dominant.  My hypothesis is that one hemisphere is associated with a more mature personality and one with a less mature personality in those people who respond vigorously to the glasses.  There is considerable evidence for this hypothesis from the scientific literature to EEG studies and a new study in submission using a new technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation.
    Many colleagues and readers have written me, telling me that they too have found the glasses very useful in their lives or in their practices of psychotherapy.  This is not a study, but I find it encouraging.
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